Authentic Cambodian lunch with friends


We are visiting David Zdriluk, a Waterford family friend who lives and teaches in Phnom Penh. We met them in Sihanoukville during their water festival holiday. This is the fixer- upper they bought a few years ago just outside of town. The neighbours who take care of their place made us lunch. David’s wife is on the far left and their son, Julian is two years old. Tomorrow we will leave here and go to Kampot and Kep.


Typical day in Saigon


We’re a bit behind with our blog so we will do a little catch up. This is in Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh city. There are 7 million people here and about 4 million motorbikes, like Hanoi, but the sidewalks are wider and it was easier to get around. There were even a few traffic lights to cross at. Spent three nights at a 4 star hotel we booked from home. Got spoiled there. Now we are in Cambodia.

Pre-weasel coffee


Okay, it’s not, it’s just regular coffee beans drying In the sun before it is roasted.
We did try some weasel coffee and it was very smooth. Didn’t taste like shit at all.

More street food


This one is for Dirko. These are still raw but the next bowl had cooked ones.
I wonder what it would be like as sushi?
We are in Saigon.

Street food


When we walked by this bowl of boiling stuff we thought, ” this would make our friend Jimmy throw up!”
Looks yummy eh.

Japanese bridge in Hoi An


Hoi An is a very pretty tourist town on a river. At night there is a magical feeling with hundreds of silk lanterns in shops, streets and restaurants.
Next time you’re in HoiAn, try the white rosé, shrimp dumplings.

Looks like Long Point….


….Except for the mountain!

Away from Hue


En route to Hoi An we passed amazing scenery.
This is a fish farm that we could see from the highway.

Away to Hue


This is the view from our hotel balcony. This was our $14.50 room complete with two beds, air-con, tv and wifi. Thank God for the air-conditioning, it was so hot and humid there. Here we got to connect with Marv and Dianne’s daughter and her husband, Mark
who happens to be working on his Phd in Hue.

Halong Bay, Vietnam


A view from the top of Ti-Top island. We hiked 400 steps to the top to take this pic of the the many Junk Boats. This area is a huge travel destination in Vietnam as there are 1000s of Karst limestone formations “growing” out of the bay. It was a four hour drive east of Hanoi to get there and well worth it. We had a cabin on the Marguerite Garden junk boat with people from Germany and Australia. We are now in Hue after taking a 12 hour night train south. Tomorrow we head to Hoi An then fly to Dalat for a change of pace. Fun fact: there are about 7 million people in Hanoi and about 4 million motorbikes.