Bangkok to River Kwai Jungle Raft


Highlights so far…. Nov. 3 to 4

Had our first Thai massage, 30 minutes turned into almost an hour for $7 each! Are these guys ever strong, Tony thought he was going to break his back! Maybe we’ll have only male massage therapists from now on! Great food and love the Singha beer, but not too cheap yet. ($3 for beer)

Our tour began Sunday morning with a van ride to the River Kwai area. There are 7000 POW soldiers buried there and an excellent museum. We rode the “death train” across the River Kwai which was bombed by the allied forces during WWII. After the train, our van took us to the boat pier where we were transported by Long Tail boat on the river Kwai to the River Kwai Jungle Rafts, our accommodation for one night. No electricity or hot water, just a kerosene lantern. I really missed the light! Sounds primitive but not bad, beautiful surroundings and great food served to us.


One response to “Bangkok to River Kwai Jungle Raft

  1. Gail Jackson

    How hot is it. How many persons on the Raft? What time does it get dark? Any favourite dishes yet. I went to new vietnamese restaurant west of Parkdale. Food was fresh and excellent. U will want to go there when u miss Vietnam. It is only open two weeks. People of course from Vietnam. Bailey is watching a movie with me. Mom
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