Finally we have wifi!


Bangkok, November 2 to 4
What a busy city. So much traffic at intersections. It’s very well organized though integrating train, river and road traffic. We took the sky train to the pier and then a passenger ferry to the Grand Palace area. People are moved around through the city very efficiently by water and train. So many motorbikes and cars clog up all the roads.
The train is so air conditioned, we were revived just from the ride. Toronto should use some of these ideas to move people across town.
Here we are at the Grand Palace, it was very hot and busy but so amazing. After this we went to the temple of the reclining Buddha. Not sure how long it was, but absolutely massive. Google it!
Sorry this took so long, we were disconnected. We will post a few today. November 7th


One response to “Finally we have wifi!

  1. Gail Jackson

    Hello: All good at home. Got my red Canada Goose parka tonight at joy’s. Very nice. Been to water fit 3x,s. Dad left monday 5 am. American election tonight. Very close but not over. Be careful in all that traffic. I will check online the reclining Buddha. You will come home full of enlightenment.

    Love, Mom xx00 hugs.
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