River Kwai river boats


Here’s a sample of one of the many river boats that transport goods and people up and down the river. Dirk would love it. They are basically a narrow 40 to 50 foot “long tail “boat with a open 4 cylinder engine attached to a 25 foot propeller shaft. The whole thing is mounted and balanced to easily lift the prop in and out of the water. Oh yes, did I mention it goes like hell!


2 responses to “River Kwai river boats

  1. Dirko

    Brilliant. Can you bring one of those long tail outboards back for me. 🙂

    All well here. David and I went quad riding tonite. The CWS guy tried to give us a hard time but we weren’t any where near their land so I told him to kiss my ass. David thought that was interesting. He is going to Backus mill tomorrow for bring your kid to work day.

    No worries from this side of the globe. Keep enjoying – and don’t forget about the snake soup.



  2. Kim Palermo

    Michelle , really enjoying your posts. Sharing them with Andrea. Sadly, Imam returning to Canada tomorrow. She asked if you could add her to your contacts andipalermo@gmail.com

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