much better today!


Yes, the second leg of our boat journey was so much better than the first day. It actually left on time and they split our huge group into two smaller boats so everyone had seats and plenty of room. We got seats near the front so had an excellent breeze all day. We got to know many travellers that we met yesterday even better. Tony got to drink a few beers with Victor from Brazil. We arrived at our destination at 4:30 and were taken to our guest house. We booked it a few days ago, which was good as it is getting busy here and this place is fully booked now. Tomorrow we will ride an elephant!


3 responses to “much better today!


    Sounds great don’t fall off elephant
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  2. elizabeth

    Amazing! Is this a tour or are you planning as you go?
    Bring back some good recipes and we’ll have a little dinner party when you get home.

  3. Dirko

    please bring me a pretty asian girl home for Christmas!

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