Hong Kong


Here’s the view from Victoria peak in Hong Kong. This is the most densely populated city in the world with 7 million living on Hong Kong island. Strangely it was not crowded all the time. On the other hand, Christmas shopping in Hong Kong is crazy! We’ve never seen so many people at the same place at the same time. The escalators were packed full in every direction heading to one of 14 floors in the Times Square plaza. It was tricky finding anything because everything is so vertical here to maximize space.
This is the last stop on our journey as we land at 7:40 tonight. We hope you enjoyed following our adventure and that you will come for a visit to see more pictures in January when we have lots of time on our hands! Merry Christmas!
Michelle and Tony


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia


We finally made it! This UNESCO site receives 8000 visitors every day this time of year. We splurged for a guide which was a great idea! He was able to give us in depth explanations about all then bas-relief carvings in the stone and excellent historical information. His English was also amazing! The whole site is 400 square km but this one section is 1 square km. we got to see the three most important sites from 7:30-2:30. It was hot! Our guide took us right to the eastern gate so we could get this picture with no one else in it. Back to Bangkok tomorrow, then Hong Kong!

From sea to plate….


This was our late lunch today, fresh from the sea. We bought the crab from the ladies who take the crabs out of cages in the water, then cooked by another lady for a dollar. One kilo of crab and half a kilo of shrimp was $8.50. Then we paid another dollar to eat the food in a restaurant next door to the market. Of course we needed a few cold beers to go with the meal. Wish we could bring you some home.

How brave are we?


Our lodging for the night was the bungalow in the background, second from the right. I did mention the view, right? Bungalows were very basic, lots of holes for critters to get in. We heard some had rats in their place! Glad our mattress was on a bed and not on the floor like others! We had a mosquito net over the bed, Winnie the Pooh sheets and icky pillows. Like the deer hunting camp but without amenities, like water. We are back in Kep sitting by a pool across from the Gulf of Thailand now. Lucky again!

The new Long Point long tail boat

We’ve always thought Ronnie Banks charges too much for his boats. This would be a great alternative. Should I measure up the dimensions?


How lucky are we….

Wow. What a view! We stayed a night at Rabbit Island just off of Kep. Amazing beach! Great people and good food. Cheap too. $55 USD for a nights lodging, four meals and many drinks.

Surprisingly, we didn’t see any rabbits. Maybe it’s a translation error and they meant rabid island re: the next picture. Many dogs on a little island.