From sea to plate….


This was our late lunch today, fresh from the sea. We bought the crab from the ladies who take the crabs out of cages in the water, then cooked by another lady for a dollar. One kilo of crab and half a kilo of shrimp was $8.50. Then we paid another dollar to eat the food in a restaurant next door to the market. Of course we needed a few cold beers to go with the meal. Wish we could bring you some home.


6 responses to “From sea to plate….

  1. Ava

    Oh man! Having ham at our house on Christmas Eve is going to be blasé! So glad you’re having such a great time. xo

  2. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Tell me Tony didn’t ask for the hot sauce; Lynanne :).

  3. Michelle

    You are going to return home SPOILED!!!!! Fresh fish, interesting beers….I am sure you will be happy to have your own bed though! No Winnie the Pooh sheets in Waterford!!!! So glad you are sharing your journey with us….always wondering and worrying, M

  4. Kim Palermo

    Nothing could have made me more jealous than the food, it looks fabulous! Bring some home.

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