Hong Kong


Here’s the view from Victoria peak in Hong Kong. This is the most densely populated city in the world with 7 million living on Hong Kong island. Strangely it was not crowded all the time. On the other hand, Christmas shopping in Hong Kong is crazy! We’ve never seen so many people at the same place at the same time. The escalators were packed full in every direction heading to one of 14 floors in the Times Square plaza. It was tricky finding anything because everything is so vertical here to maximize space.
This is the last stop on our journey as we land at 7:40 tonight. We hope you enjoyed following our adventure and that you will come for a visit to see more pictures in January when we have lots of time on our hands! Merry Christmas!
Michelle and Tony


5 responses to “Hong Kong

  1. Gail Jackson

    We did fine dining with david tonight. Mussels to start and second sauteed venison with mushrooms and teriacki sauce and jumbo shrimp on a skewer. Now watching transformer movie #1.

    Ethan went to barrie innisfil to write his ski doing test as he is under 18 and has his own sled but no drivers license. He passed but was to tired to join us tonight for making Hello Dolly squares. Maybe tomorrow.

    I made my dessert for tomorrow and wrote cards to hand out and wrapped our 5 buck gifts. I have two hostess gifts from denningers for bonnie and Brian and amanda and Chris.

    I am making peanut brittle next week for ava and rick hostess gift.

    Gail proracki phoned today. Both gail and Olga have the flu. Olga is recovering and gail is better. Olga’s neighbour took her to ER as her cough was bad. She had chest Xray but no pneumonia. Gail took her out for dinner friday nite and that tired her. She has antibiotics now but is pale. Gail wanted me to inform Tony before he sees her.

    See u tomorrow night and email when u land and also tell me what pole # u will stand at.

    Love mom

    Have a safe trip home.
    Ps did u hear of worst elementary school shooting in us history 26 people dead. 20 children 5 to 10 and 6 staff members. Shooter 20 and mental and also dead. He shot his mom first and then went to school. So terrible. In Connecticut.
    Sent wirelessly from my BlackBerry device on the Bell network.
    Envoyé sans fil par mon terminal mobile BlackBerry sur le réseau de Bell.

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks alot. It has been fun and informative. Probably not a place Bradley Boy and I will venture to but…never say never. We look forward to the slide show. Hope to see you in LP after Christmas.

  3. jim and Jude

    We really enjoyed your posts, have a great flight home and we will see you soon.

  4. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Safe travels back home. Hard to believe it’s over already. Whenever you’re ready to show some pics , we are down.

  5. Thank you for the amazing Christmas card. It’s beautiful. Your blog has made us really miss that area of the world. We are thinking about going back already. Great job!

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