Day 1of 92


After nearly twenty four hours of travelling, we are now in Istanbul, Turkey. In behind us is Hafiz Ahmet, the restaurant we ate in tonight. As you can see, all of the cold vegetarian dishes are on display and you basically pick what you want on your plate.

Due to a communication problem, David and I ate double meals as we wanted to try the spicy kebap which also came with other food as well.

Going to bed soon as we slept very little in the last thirty six hours. Tomorrow we are off to the Grand Bazaar and other sites yet to be determined.

Tony, Michelle and David


9 responses to “Day 1of 92

  1. Gail Jackson

    Nice to get your first response. You will sleep 12 hrs for sure. I remember mavis and I sleeping so long we missed breakfast and woke at 11:00 am. We got a stale bagel leftover brought to our room. Lol

    Move grandma on thursday after wed. Painting by Clarion. All good. Dad is fine too doing income taxes.

    I remember grand bazaar and koptacki palace, blue mosque and agatha sophia. Ignore my spelling. Lol. Have fun and stay together in grand bazaar. Can’t wait to here. How r accommodation? And transfer from plane to hotel?

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  2. Dirko

    hey david……………………two spicy kebobs tonite………………..pretty sure there is a song in that! dirko

  3. Margaret

    Great to see your faces! Glad to hear that you arrived safely….enjoy yourselves. Looking forward to the updates!
    Margaret xo

  4. Mary

    You guys look great! Enjoy your sleep time!

  5. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Great to hear from you guys. Enjoy those zzzzz’s and hit one of the most historic cities in the world with vigor. When looking at those carpets check to see they weren’t made in China.

  6. Karen

    Wow! Great to get your message. I will try to check the emails more often now to keep track of where you guys are. Hope have an awesome time! Stay safe!

  7. Cheryl Decooman

    Looks fabulous.

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. elizabeth

    Looks like dinner in LP

  9. Ava

    This is my favourite pic of you three!

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