Blue Mosque


Today we started our Gate 1 tour. It’s quite a big group, but the guide knows a lot and his English is perfect. We saw the Hippodrome, the Blue Mosque and the Byzantine St. Sophia church. Both were very old, massive structures. David is worn out from all the walking. We dragged him to the archeological museum after lunch. Nap time!


3 responses to “Blue Mosque

  1. Gail Jackson

    Glad your tour has begun. Interesting culture religion. David is just being a teenager. He is the youngest and should walk the easiest. Lol

    Our move of grandma took 10 to 4;30 with lunch and beer at fifty’s diner for a break.

    Mom will like it there and the staff were awesome. They painted her room nice. We placed her love seat, chair, and tv with stand and two end tables and lamps. Took few clothes and only family photos.

    Load off my mind. Dad helped today. He was good wed and thursday.

    Luv, mom and dad
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  2. Mary

    Hope you enjoyed the tour. I look forward to your next pictures. Very interesting! Love Mary

  3. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Wow, visiting some of the greatest structures every built by man. Istanbul is at the top of my must see cities. It’s once of a lifetime journey , no time to rest, you can do that at your cottage this summer.

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