Ed will appreciate this one!


One of the highlights of Turkey is the well preserved site of Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Many visitors come here from the port of Kusadasi, but our group came from Izmir, an hour away. We decided to ditch our tour group of 45 and took three mini-buses instead to do it on our own. Kind of crazy, only saved $75, but it was a fun challenge. We were a bit surprised to run into our group there, as it was so crowded.

This amphitheatre was built in the third century BC and was a theatre for wild animal fights and gladiator games. It could hold 24,000 spectators, with the original stage having three stories.

When we arrived, a group of Turkish students and their director were singing multi-part folk songs on the stage floor. The acoustics were amazing.


3 responses to “Ed will appreciate this one!

  1. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Did the Stones play here? Did Nero give them the thumbs up or down?

  2. Gail Jackson

    Mavis and I did come in from the port of Kusadashi. We loved the tour and the information. It was September and not so crowded. I am surprised this early of the crowds already. Nice photos. Spoke to Olga and she is doing great.

  3. donna

    Well I was one of those who arrived from Kusadashi with a tour. We had a great guide feeding us ton’s of info that I now forget.

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