Here we are at the Asclepsion, an ancient Roman spa that saw its heyday between 280-129 BC. Located near Pergamum, it’s best known for its healing powers using psychotherapy and herbal medicine.

The “inflicted” would walk with a guide through a tunnel filled with warm water from hot springs completely in the dark. Meanwhile, the doctor/guide would whisper “you will get better soon” while the two slowly walked through to the other side and into the light.

Pretty cool eh?


3 responses to “Pergamum

  1. Ava

    Yes, very cool. And funny how the term spa has moved from being that to getting a pedicure.

    • The trick was they had a very high success rate because they only accepted patients that were mildly ill. If you were dying, you couldn’t go there for treatment as they wanted to keep their reputation positive.

  2. Elizabeth

    This looks like an amazing history lesson.
    What a wonderful family trip.
    Thanks for the pics..

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