Up up and away in Cappadocia


We arose at 5 am today to be ready to take off for the sunrise at Cappadocia. Sixteen of our group gently took off for an hour excursion through the surrealistic landscape of the surrounding area. We told David, “Merry Christmas” as thoughts of our next MasterCard bill came to mind! Cappadocia is definitely one of the highlights of our Turkey tour. The rest of the day, we explored many of the underground cities and caves which were inhabited by the early Christians hiding from the Romans.


6 responses to “Up up and away in Cappadocia

  1. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Wow, the balloon ride looks amazing! Don’t worry about the money ,Michelle still has a job. Interesting that the Christians hid from the Romans and later it was the heretics hiding from the Christians. Specialize in having a blast.

  2. Marianne

    What an amazing view. Enjoy the adventure.

  3. Mary

    Looks like the 5 a.m. rise was well worth it. What a beautiful sight! I’m really enjoying seeing all the pictures you’ve been sending.

  4. Gail Jackson

    Christmas gifts will come again David. Looks like great fun. It’s only money. Mom and Dad

  5. Elizabeth

    WOW! Did at least 2 of you sing “Up Up and away in my beautiful balloon”??
    I think you’d better have TED wire you some$$.
    Keep having fun.
    Hows the rug thing going??

  6. Wow – so pretty!! We didn’t get to Cappadocia. But everytime we see photos like this, we wish we had!!

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