Nation Theatre of Zagreb


Who would have thought that Zagreb is a diamond in the rough. There are so many beautiful parks, cafes and buildings in the capital of Croatia. Much of the city was built during the 700 year reign of the Austria Hungarian Habsberg empire. Consequently, there is a certain architectural reminiscence to Vienna.

We had a great time doing walking tours with colleague Sandra and her husband Dave who now live and work in Croatia.


The dragon of Ljubljana


Ljubljana is the Capitol of Slovenia. It’s a very pretty town with many of the buildings designed by the artist and architect Joze Plecnik who also did work in Vienna and Prague. In fact, Ljubljana is often described as a miniature Prague.

We had a great two hour walking tour with a local hippy artist musician political activist named (translated into English) Urban Forester. His parents had a sense of humour too.

Plitvice Falls, Croatia


About an hour and a bit from Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zagreb, Croatia are a multitude of falls, some large and some small – all beautifully coloured with the blueness of the travertine water. This place is so impressive that some guy named UNESCO decided that this should be a protected natural site.

Definitely a must see for those who like to hike and take in natural wonders. Especially the St. Cecilia’s alumni Hiking group. There are so many different trails, you could spend a week there! Get planning Marcy, Jane, Kim, Ed and Kathy.

Split, Croatia from up high


We walked up the bell tower for the view. Will send one more of the sea front. Split is very nicely laid out with beautiful white marble stone walkways. The Diocletian palace is built right in.



Quite a place. The city of canals is a must- see. A little pricey but worth it.

We were sitting around our campsite having breakfast when…


Yes indeed. Our campground is right next to a shipping lane that goes to Venice. It’s kind of weird seeing these big boats floating by the tents and campers. They are surprisingly quiet for their size -sort of like a thunder storm in the distance.

New Taste Sensation for Tony


Breakfast can become a bit “ho-hum” when you’re eating in a Van down but the river, so why not try mixing everything you’ve got in the cooler together? A little stale bread, fresh Nutella, and not-so-fresh Gorgonzola. Tastes rich and creamy, nutty and sweet with a hint of smelly sock. Oh my gosh, I forgot the olives!

On our way to Venice now. Loved Verona today, so beautiful. Will send photos soon.
Loving the 3G wifi.

I know it’s corny but….


…..Just had to do it. Who is winning? Michelle or Tony?
We are here in Pisa at David’s request. It was a little late in the day, but still there were many tourists trying to get the perfect camera shot. You could climb the tower for the ridiculous amount of €18, about $25 Canadian. Of course we decided not to.

One more silly one to follow….

On to Cinque Terre tomorrow, hope the rain will stop!!