Athens, the Parthenon


Did Athens today, it was excellent! Better than expected. Met great people at dinner today from Scotland and Calgary. Small world.


5 responses to “Athens, the Parthenon

  1. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Hard to believe that structure is still standing after all those earthquakes. Interesting to note they were working on its restoration when I was there back in 81. Maybe they get paid by the decade?

  2. donna chojnacki

    I remember the Parthenon. I was 31. I see the cranes are still around. Great photo. d

  3. Gail Jackson

    Can you imagine walking on the rocks in super high heels. Well when we went there was a model like woman in dress and the highest heels trying to climb on the rock and pathways at the Parthenon. It is amazing in the city. I hope you enjoy it at night as well. You can see it everywhere and it is magical.

  4. Elizabeth

    We never made it here sadly. Just drove by.
    Happy Mothers Day sunday. Nice place to celebrate!

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