Our Wicked Van


Here it is…..
And we are now mobile….wifi a bit harder to come by, and so it ice!!!! No one sells ice in Italy. Dirko would die. We broke our van in today driving from Amalfi coast to Umbria province, north of Rome. Sienna tomorrow.
Photo of Amalfi coast to follow.


9 responses to “Our Wicked Van

  1. Cheryl Decooman

    OH MY GOD that is hilarious☺ You ghetto drivers hahahaha

  2. Mary

    Nice van! I’m sure Dirko would enjoy with or without ice! (I think).

  3. Sue

    It’s so cold here!!!! Teresa got moved to hagersville.:(

  4. Dirko

    No ice! Unspeakable. :[


  5. elizabeth

    You look like the Partridge family!

  6. jim and Jude

    Hey man! groovy!!!

  7. jim and Jude

    Jude want to know if Tony’s feet stick’s out of the end of the Van when sleeping?

  8. Gail Jackson

    That is one colorful van. Easy to find in a parking lot. How r the beds? You guys look great. Beautiful sunny warm day in stoney creek today. Got canopy up and truck washed and grass cut. Yippee!

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