New Taste Sensation for Tony


Breakfast can become a bit “ho-hum” when you’re eating in a Van down but the river, so why not try mixing everything you’ve got in the cooler together? A little stale bread, fresh Nutella, and not-so-fresh Gorgonzola. Tastes rich and creamy, nutty and sweet with a hint of smelly sock. Oh my gosh, I forgot the olives!

On our way to Venice now. Loved Verona today, so beautiful. Will send photos soon.
Loving the 3G wifi.


8 responses to “New Taste Sensation for Tony

  1. Ava

    I see the espresso maker in the background. Sweet! Good way to wash all of that down and drown out the old sock aftertaste!

  2. Margaret

    I sent you a YouTube link on your email. “You aren’t going to amount to jack squat!… will be eating cheese, living in a van down by the river!”


  3. elizabeth

    David does not look too sure on this brakfast sandwich.
    Im heading to BC tomorrow with Edith. I’ve got a couple of days in Vancouver, then I’ve rented a car and driving to Whistler. Glad you are having such a wonderful time. ENJOY.

  4. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    What, no Timmy bagel belt?q

  5. Heidi

    I love this blog! Shauni loves nutella and made me buy a big jar of it. Not sure about the cheese though….. David smile! Shauni got her braces off today and she is all smiles.

  6. Gail Jackson

    Hi David, Nice to see you yesterday in your colourful apartment talking to your buddies at home. I heard that you liked the pigeons and saw your photo at St. Mark’s square. Ethan came here yesterday. He is coming back today to cut grass. Emma put lilacs and bleeding heart flowers on her Charlie dog’s grave. She misses her dog. You have to see our new log splitter machine. More toys for boys on the hill David. There were about ten snakes in my wood chip pile. They like living in the warmth of the wood and the sun. I get a snake with each shovel. I might need St. Patrick to get rid of them. Hee Hee!
    We may go to Long Point on Monday maybe. I talked last night to your Grandma Olga and she is fine. Tyler and Scott taking care of everything at Waterford. I heard Natalie got a job in North Bay for the summer. Don’t know what kind of job though.
    Enjoy reading all the blogs and Aunt Fran does too. They are booking a trip to France now for September but air flights are pricey and they missed a deal by procrastinating. Searching some more.

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