Plitvice Falls, Croatia


About an hour and a bit from Ljubljana, Slovenia and Zagreb, Croatia are a multitude of falls, some large and some small – all beautifully coloured with the blueness of the travertine water. This place is so impressive that some guy named UNESCO decided that this should be a protected natural site.

Definitely a must see for those who like to hike and take in natural wonders. Especially the St. Cecilia’s alumni Hiking group. There are so many different trails, you could spend a week there! Get planning Marcy, Jane, Kim, Ed and Kathy.


3 responses to “Plitvice Falls, Croatia

  1. Kim Palermo

    Putting my hikers on as we speak!!!

  2. Ed and Lyn Dertinger

    Looks like a page out of a travel magazine. Keep those pictures coming!

  3. donna chojnacki

    Totally enjoy hearing your travel adventures and seeing photos. I did a hike on the wkend from Preston to Hespler. Stopped at Ernie’s Roadhouse for a beer and wing’s then hiked back. We did not have a spectacular view that you experienced. Your photos of Italy really give me the push to revisit.

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