Free Chopin concert in the park


Every Sunday, the city of Warsaw hosts two free concerts from May to September. It was just raining an hour earlier, hence the shade over the piano.


The Little Mercenary….


…. Is one of many monuments in Warsaw that commemorates the August 1944 uprising of the Polish people against the Nazis. Although the uprising was a partial success at first, the Nazi’s responded with the total destruction of Warsaw, as an example for other European cities.

Torun, Poland


Taken from the bell tower of the town hall (Rathhaus). Torun is another “must see” if visiting Poland. A little out of the way, but worth the drive. Practice up your Polish, English is limited. Great perogies, but not as good as grandma Proracki’s.

Berlin is also the home of brotherly love


Also taken from the Berlin Wall, the famous portrait of Soviet leader Brezhnev kissing GDR leader Erich Ho╠łnecker.

Lots of activity in the city this weekend as next weekend is St. Christopher’s Day which is Berlin’s version of Toronto’s “Gay Pride” weekend.

East gallery, Berlin


Taken from the longest section of the remaining Berlin Wall. It’s amazing that for the most part, the graffiti along the wall is not painted over by other graffiti (artists??). So much of Berlin, and Europe for that matter, is covered by graffiti, most of which is not very appreciated by the majority. As one of our guides mentioned when I asked the meaning of a particular work, “it means this person needs a psychiatrist”.

Holocaust Memorial, Berlin


Obama happened to be here the day before.

Quite an eerie place, very effective.



Lubeck has canals like Amsterdam. To the right are the salt warehouses that were used in medieval times. Lubeck was well known as a trading centre and controlled much of the North Sea trading.

Lubeck is very close to the Baltic Sea where large freighters and ferries travel to Scandinavia.

Holstentor Gates


Unfortunately, this picture is a little dark due to the angle of light and subject. Lubeck has a very nice, medieval old town and survived most of the bombing from the First World War. Definitely worth adding to a Europe itinerary.

Side view of the Holstentor gates, Lubeck, Germany


Have another drink and the entrance gates to the medieval town of Lubeck will look straight. Actually, they do lean both forward and into each other. Front view to follow.

Dreamtime replaces Moondance


Tires needed rotation and one replaced, so the company thought it was easier to just give us a new van – well new to us. The only good thing about losing a half day was we were able to swap out the best accessories from both vans. The next person to rent Moondance may be a little disappointed.