Here we are at the National Theatre in Vienna.
Had a sunny day. Later we attended the Film and Music Festival, a huge outdoor screen is set up in front of the Rathaus, (Townhall) showing films every night until September. Last night’s was Nureyev’s Swan Lake Ballet filmed here in the 60’s.


4 responses to “Vienna

  1. Carolyn Wiens

    Michelle: looks like you and the boys are truly living the dream…..what a fantastic family celebration. Enjoy the rest of your journey……be well and safe home. Big hug, Carolyn

  2. Michelle

    Man oh man, you guys are truly seeing and experiencing the world!! You must be loving all the different food choices, the incredible architecture, and especially the people and the music!
    Gord and I are off to Switzerland on July 13th so we are busily preparing (trying to memorize music) for the trip. We fly home July 29th, then leave again on the 31st for China……so we will catch up end of august. Keep the pictures coming-am loving it!
    Take good care, M

  3. ava

    I’ve always wanted to go to Vienna. Lucky you! xo

  4. Elizabeth

    Looks lovely

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