Landshut Wedding 1475


Had the opportunity to see the Landshuter Hochzeit reenactment on the weekend. The wedding took place in 1475 between Princess Hedwig of Poland and Prince Georg of Landshut, Germany. Over 2000 locals dress for the part and perform a variety of events every four years. We were so lucky to email a tourism agent who found us tickets. Most events sold out in January. David loved the jousting and picked this photo.

Off to Hungary for the final leg!!!


3 responses to “Landshut Wedding 1475

  1. Weather looks nice in Landshut (never heard of this place!!!) Enjoy your final leg-and with friends to boot!!

  2. Mary

    Enjoy the last leg and have a safe trip home. Say hi to Marg and the kids. Enjoy Budapest!

  3. elizabeth

    Maybe we should have one of these on the beach in LP??

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