View from Buda of Pest


Did you know Budapest is actually in two parts? It is divided by the Danube river into the Buda hills on the west side and the flat Pest on the east side.

Loved our free walking tour. Whenever you are in Europe, look up the “free walking tours.” They are actually free, but you pay what you want at the end. Because the tour guides are high quality, they end up doing quite well this way.

Hope to see you in Long Point this summer. We will try to stay still!


8 responses to “View from Buda of Pest

  1. elizabeth

    Well you have had an adventure haven’t you.
    Look forward to the slide show!

  2. Gail Jackson

    Like the longer hair Michelle. Very lovely photo and the background is as spectacular.

  3. Anne McMillan

    Thanks, Michelle,Tony and David for sharing your trip with us. It was a great armchair tour. Loved the comments, too! Sounds like you had a great time! Long Point will seem a little tame but maybe you’re ready for a rest.

  4. Mary

    What a lovely family picture to end off your BIG FAMILY ADVENTURE in Hungary. My compliments to the photographer. I hope you did not have a Griswold European Family Vacation, and if you did or do not know what this means, I can lend you the DVD. The main thing is that you come home in one piece. HOME SWEET HOME probably never sounded so good my friends! Welcome home and see you soon I hope.

  5. ava

    Looking forward to seeing you all in person soon!

  6. We actually didn’t think to take any free walking tours when we were in Europe – will definitely keep that in mind as we will be back later this year 🙂
    Off to check out more of your blog!!

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